Friday, December 19, 2008

Gator-O-Rama Application

I submitted the team's application for the Houston Gator-O-Rama. Here's what I wrote as our "Team Concept" and why we are cooler than the other guys and should be accepted:

Our team, previously known as “The Professionals,” competed at the 2008 Yee-Haw Its LeMons Texas event. Although we were not expected to finish above 40th place, our 9th place final standing won us the “No Prayer of Finishing Award,” deemed as good as a 1st place win.

The team’s theme revolves around a 1995 Ford “Danger” Ranger, the same Crapsman Truck used in the last Texas race. Sitting up since the last race, some strange bio-hazardous fluids and growth has appeared under the hood. Granted, something this extreme could only be grown in the bayous of South Louisiana and we think taking the truck back to Texas to race the biohazardous crap out of it would be the best course of action. After all, Louisiana doesn’t need any more bio-hazardous waste and surely no one would notice if we left the hazardous waste crap in that big ‘ole wasteland outside of Houston, Texas.

Being from the New Orleans area, we know how to party (even when there is work to be done) and can’t help drawing in everyone around us to share in the fun, especially the Chief Perpetrator and those magnificently garbed Justices of the LeMons Supreme Court (a/k/a Judge Phil & Judge Jonny). The Gator-O-Rama is the weekend after Mardi Gras and we plan to have a mini-parade in the paddock to promote the 2009 Laissez Les Crapheaps Roulez New Orleans to be held at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, LA complete with beads, throws and music. After all, the upcoming Louisiana race is an inaugural event at our home track and we want everyone to bring their crap cans to the bayou.

Seriously, we have a highly motivated team with a proven crap can (race truck) who are ready to drag their sorry asses (travel) to Texas to party (race) LeMons-style.

By the way, here in Louisiana we cook up alligators and eat ‘em as appetizers!

~Patty Poupart

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