Friday, February 27, 2009

We're Ready!

During the team meeting/cocktail hour after practice on Friday, the team members pulled cards (Ace through six) to determine the driving order. Team captain, Chris Wilken, even through a Joker into the mix with the intent that whomever drew it could trade places and drive in whatever position they wanted. But it was not meant to be as the Joker was the lone card remaining after everyone drew. The "Ace" was drawn by Dr. Phil, a returning driver from the last LeMons team (The Professionals), so he'll be first up at the start of the race tomorrow. Drawing the "2" card was Capt. Chris. He was first up in the last LeMons race that we ran and paced for over an hour before the race start. I do believe he was relieved that he would not repeat that driver position. Next up after drawing the "3" card will be Panama Teddy, a new driver to the team, but a wild man on the track in his own right. Mr. Summers drew the "4" card and is happy to return to the team, although I believe his alter ego, D.J. Marky Mark, is even happier to be here. The "5" card was drawn by Paul Tellarico, a new driver to the team, who looks forward to being back in a race car (any race car) after a 3 year hiatus due to back surgery. Luckily the race truck is smooooooth! Last, but not least, is Patty Poupart, instigator of B.S. and P.R. on behalf of the team, who is looking forward to her first LeMons start after being part of the crew for The Professionals team. Patty feels that drawing the "6" card could be lucky as most of the real crap cans will have blown up and left the track by the time she gets in the car.

Dinner was graciously provided by Brent Mosing and his crew down at his condo onsite at MSR. The hospitality and company went well with all the bench racing going on. I'll try to get in another post tomorrow night, but fear that I'll be too tired and will have to do a post race report.

Wish us luck!

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