Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're There!

The team packed up and brought the "Danger Ranger" to Houston tonight to be ready for the practice day tomorrow. Our race truck is so bad-a$$ed that we have to bring it in under cover of night! We were the only truck last time and we already saw one in the paddock. It is a Toyota with a skate board ramp mounted on the bed. Crazy!

Our truck also got a little bit of a face lift and a few extras. We have a front spoiler to add some ground effects and channel air for the radiator. We have roof flaps! Don't think they are functional, but they'll look cool if the truck spins backward. (Hopefully I won't be the first to test that!) Also, as a result of trying to get the permanent marker off the hood where we wrote on it during the last Houston LeMons race, the yellow paint on the roof and hood is gone and has been replaced with a little of whatever Chris W. had in the shop (red, orange, gray & black). It is done in a nice camoflague motif and goes great with our bio-hazard theme.

Our team has managed to get space for 3 motorhomes . Lots of teams bring lots of equipment and big rigs, but I'm not sure how many teams have a $500 P.O.S. race truck and about $1 mil in motorhomes for their drivers!

Well, it's late and the race day starts early. I'll get a pic of the truck and post it tomorrow.

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